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My name is Beth (aka ParaNerdGirl) and my interest in the paranormal began during my childhood and was fostered by my open-minded parents who bought me my first Ouija board and Tarot cards on my 8th birthday. Growing up, I sought to understand the unexplained from UFOs, to Ghosts, to Bigfoot.

Today, as an adult, I have taken my love for all things mysterious into the field of paranormal research. Joining a local paranormal investigation group in 2006 was my first step on the path to understanding the nature of the afterlife. Not content with believing in the dogmas of organized religion and their explanations of the hereafter, I have become passionate in my research and data review. I am not a "ghost-hunter". I am not looking for that ultimate scare or the thrill of seeing a ghost. Neither do I engage in provocation or death scene re-enactment. I am first and foremost a science minded person with a hunger for knowledge and hard evidence. I am also NOT a psychic or a medium in any way. I don't "feel" things, I don't see or hear spirits without the aid of instruments. 

It is my goal that through research, we will further our scientific understanding of afterlife existence and remove the fear of the unknown associated with death and dying. Too long, have our beliefs about the afterlife been determined solely by our respective religions. It's time to open our minds and listen to what the dead have to teach us.

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