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Nashville TN, also known as Music City USA, is home to a host of paranormal occurrences. This city abounds with phantasms of it's rich and historical past. Whether it's a civil war soldier, an anguished slave or a famous country singer.. their spirit lives on here.

Civil War Historical Homes are not the only locations inhabited by otherworldly tenants here. Many residential homes and businesses have their share of spirits who are not yet at peace. I have personally investigated many locations in and around this city and have assisted more than a few frightened people with their personal haunting. 

This website is my personal blog and online headquarters for the data which I have accumulated from my various research projects and old cases. I am currently the co-director of Volunteer State Paranormal Research in Burns TN. I began paranormal research in 2006 with National Paranormal Research Nashville (now disbanded) where I took over as group director in 2009. After their dissolution in 2011, I did private paranormal consulting until joining VSPR in 2013.

Some of my favorite haunted locations include the Carnton Plantation, The Carter House, The Oakland Historical House, The Belle Meade Mansion, Rippavilla Plantation, Shiloh National Civil War Battlefield, Union Station, Fort Negley, Olivet Cemetery, Nashville Cemetery, Stones River Battlefield, Traveller's Rest Historical Home and The Thomas House. 

I've also investigated haunted locations outside of Nashville including The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs AR, The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, The Peabody Hotel in Memphis TN, and The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis MO.

If you would like more information about my paranormal research or want to discuss a haunting you or your family are experiencing, please send me an Email.

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